The Tunnel

The Tunnel

The Complete First Season

DVD - 2016
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When a prominent French politician is found dead on the border between the UK and France, detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann are sent to investigate on behalf of their respective countries. The case takes a surreal turn when a shocking discovery is made at the crime scene, forcing the French and British police into an uneasy partnership.
Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [2016]
Edition: UK edition
ISBN: 9781627896320
Branch Call Number: DVD TUN
Characteristics: 3 videodiscs (450 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in
video file,DVD video,region 1


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Apr 18, 2019

You have to be a masochist to sit through this series.

Apr 16, 2019

Clémence Poésy could be a steely French counterpart to the detective famously played by Helen Mirren. Poésy reluctantly accepts an English cop (Stephen Dillane) while they investigate a macabre death. Their partnership is refreshingly non-romantic as they bond simply as friends and colleagues (Poésy seems to have autism, Dillane is socially aware and sensitive). The death proves to be the first shot from a taunting terrorist who luridly manipulates the tabloid press and social media videos to draw attention to what they deem to be systemic injustices—as they ironically victimize the very same groups they claim need better protection. The series moves at a brisk pace and some amusing asides on U.K.-French history/culture (“We're going to England,” states a French detective. “Bring your umbrellas and food supplies!”) However, the cat-and-mouse game is sometimes too mechanically plotted, and there's a lot of violence and glorification of voyeuristic social media—including torture of children and attacks on other vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, veterans, prostitutes, and immigrants. In real life, the New Zealand response to the March 2019 terror attacks shows excellent tactics in how to move away from normalizing social media as a weapon and echo chamber. Note: occasional French with English subtitles.

Apr 06, 2019

Originally broadcast on 16 October 2013 on Sky Atlantic in the UK, this British-French crime drama follows the two detectives working together to find a serial killer who left the upper-half of a French politician and the lower-half of a British prostitute in the Channel Tunnel at the midpoint between France and the UK.
The killer seems on a moral crusade to highlight many social problems, terrorising both countries in the process.
Although the murder cases appear quite interesting, the story seems too tedious and time-wasting with many uninteresting bits and pieses among exciting and fascinating events.
The first half of the episodes makes me yawning, but the episodes 9 & 10 appear quite interesting.

Aug 30, 2018

I thought the constant switching between English irritating. They would put the dialogue in English on the screen and then slap "speaking French" in big yellow letters on top of it. I didn't care for this series. Shut it off.

Aug 20, 2018

This Tunnel was another version of The Bridge (Swedish-Danish, which library has) and The Bridge (American-Mexican, which library has). This Brit version is awful. The Swedish version was the original and is very good, and American version is of course more violent (America, why?) But compelling (a big production, so many layers). One of the biggest fails in this Brit production is the casting. None of the characters is believable and the dialogue is stale. Once you see the other two, you will appreciate how awful this version is. So unusual for the Brits to be tone deaf dramatically, but this is one case in which it's a big fail.

Feb 25, 2018

really well done. Reminded me of "Line of Duty"
I binge watched the series in one day!

Feb 08, 2018

Awful. Only watched a few minutes. The Swedish/Danish version is better.

Jan 08, 2018

This is a take-off on The Bridge, a highly successful series done in Sweden/Denmark, and while there's nothing wrong with doing your own version of something, in this case the story-lines, and particularly the characters, are pretty much a carbon copy of the original. They're not done well, they're not at all original, and because we found ourselves mostly pissed off while watching the first two episodes, we decided to cut our losses and not watch any further. Really, really disappointed in whomever was responsible for this poorly done series.

Jan 05, 2018

Rated 3/10. At first I thought this series might hold great promise, but it deteriorated as time went on. The story seemed intriguing enough, at least initially, but went downhill with lots of confusing scenes.

The acting, on the part of Clemence Poesy (the French detective), was sub-par. With nearly every scene, she had this blank look on her face. Totally devoid of expression, and apparently, no acting ability. She might as well had been a cardboard cutout.

On the other hand, I thought Stephen Dillane's character (the English detective) had depth to it. He seems like a good actor, but was not able to save the scenes with Poesy in them.

The plot was muddled here and there as new characters were introduced with no explanation.

Plus, the English sub-titles that were frequently used when the French actors spoke just got to be annoying. One minute they're speaking French, and in the next, they're speaking English. Why not just have two versions of this series? It added nothing to these episodes.

Half way through the series, I just gave up on watching any more. There are much better shows out there. Do I need to say that I will not be watching season 2, never mind 3? I'm sure it will be much of the same.

Dec 05, 2017

The Funnel

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Aug 16, 2016

Her head is in France and she's French, so it remains a French investigation.
-Steady on, Joan, I'm not looking for a war over it.
My name is not Joan.
We believe she was British.
A tattoo. With a Union Jack and the flag of Wales. And the words, "I love you, Mum." So you need to check out missing Welsh girls with that tattoo
-Right, I'll call you as soon as I'm on duty.
Then I need the name of somebody who can do it now.
-Have you ever considered a career in the diplomatic service?
No. Please call me as soon as you have any information.
So, tell me about this missing girl.
-Gemma Kirwan, aged 23, disappeared from Folkestone seven months ago.
I thought she was Welsh.
-That's the trouble with people. They won't stay in one place.

Aug 16, 2016

I'm recovering from an operation. The snip.
-The what?
La vasectomie. More painful than childbirth, apparently.
Who is Alain Joubert?
-One of our leading financiers... and an adviser on austerity measures to the last government. He is not popular.
-Really? How come?
The crisis made him even richer.
You're not really one for jokes, are you?
-Sometimes. It depends if they're funny.
The British place a lot of value on humour.
-Sometimes it makes you lose sight of things that are more important. That is just my opinion, I'm not trying to offend you.
No, sure.
-I'll bring you up to speed with my assessment of French national defects later.
I'd be interested to hear your views.

Aug 16, 2016

You might find my manner a little annoying, too many random jokes, conversations, whatever...
-I didn't say I found it annoying.
But I have been a policeman for quite a long time, and I like to think a good one, and I know when it's an inappropriate time to question someone and when it's time to show a little flexibility.
I was a bad dad to Adam.
-You weren't a bad dad, you just weren't there.
Danny? If the bomb goes off, you won't feel any pain or know anything about it.
-How do you know
Because your brain won't have time to register the messages sent from your body. It will just end.
You must be pleased to have the French on board. She's about as useful as the Maginot Line, that one.
There is no equality before the law. That is my first truth.

He's posh, talks nice, just like you.
-I'm not posh, I'm educated. Big difference.

Aug 16, 2016

So let's challenge them, make 'em think a little bit...
-If they wanted to be challenged they really wouldn't be reading us now, would they?
What they want is to read their opinions, but typed, not just in crayon.
Who's Danny Hillier?
-The tabloid journalist. He writes about ordinary folk, sort of his catchphrase. Ordinary for him means hating immigrants, talking in rhyming slang and not reading books.
-Sounds like a tool of the highest order.
Yes, he is.
-He should meet granddad.
The killer said specifically that he has chosen you. Why would he do that?
-Maybe he's a fan of my work.
Round up the mindless bigots then, eh?
-It's nice to see you hold the ordinary working class folk with such contempt.
What good are old people? They do not produce They consume nothing except our taxes … so we leave them to die alone.

Aug 16, 2016

I'd love to go to France again. But I never will.
-No, the journey would probably be too difficult for you now. … I'm sorry, do you think she will see France again?
No, but that's not the point. Why didn't you just say, "You'll be in the graveyard soon, Grandma."
-Because it's not what I was thinking.
My second truth has only just begun Nobody cares about people who made sacrifices worked hard, or served their country. Once society no longer needs them, they're abandoned to slow and lonely death.
-What, so you're doing them a favour? I mean, no offence, mate, but how do you know they weren't happy sitting in their own piss and watching Bargain Hunt? I mean, who appointed you judge of what their lives meant?
Why aren't the girls in their bed?
-I sold them on eBay.
"Live and let live" is my motto.
-Mine too. Well, unless they're Tottenham.

Aug 16, 2016

You're not above the law, Detective, and my patient is not beneath it, he has rights, which I intend to ensure are respected.
-And what about the rights of his victims?
Happily, the two are not mutually exclusive.
Traditionally, as you know in this situation, we'd be asking you, you know... does anyone have a grudge against you? But as that might include half of the western world, we'll cut to the chase.
It's my opinion that the primary duty of a police officer is to cover his colleague.
Right? Just to be clear, I'm your colleague.
How the mentally ill are treated. TT's new truth: If we abandon the mentally ill, if we send them back to their homes untreated, in the end their sickness escapes.
Stuff gets in the way, work, life, marriage.
-Marriage gets in the way?
Of some things, yeah.
-Like sleeping with other women?

Aug 16, 2016

Take me to bed.
-I can't.
You have to. You have to because I cannot unsay those words now.
Have you never lied to a child? Or to someone who's suffering, someone that's dying?
-One lie leads to another. How do you trust someone who lies to you?
No-one can say that his cause isn't just, at least everybody I speak to thinks so.
-Adam, he kills people, he kills people, real people in the real world, not in some cyber pretend world of yours.
Churchill killed real people, 25,000 at Dresden, and still tops the charts of most popular Britons.
She's just a kid.
-This is a rational choice Karl. We catch him now, we save future lives.
Maybe, but at the expense of her. She is 15 years old.
-You are always hiding behind your feelings to justify your choices. You don't think rationally.
Oh, really.
-I'm not judging you. I'm just observing your behaviour.

Aug 16, 2016

I'm very disappointed. It's an absurd and useless hypothesis. I would have expected
better from you. It really doesn't work like that. Take it from a dad.
TT's calling his truth "The Youth Of Today.” He's highlighting the way that youth is treated or mistreated by the justice system. (We hold the young in contempt. A quarter of all those arrested in the UK last year were under 18. Society turns its back on the young. Makes them invisible.)
Why does it always have to be about you? Or are you jealous?
-Of what?
That's what it is.
-It's about respect, is what it is.
Well, start showing some.
-Oh, grow up.
I did. You just never took any notice.
They found a surveillance camera in the barbershop where Delgado was held. It's the same kind used by the DCRI, French MI5. We need a shortlist of all our men who fit the profile. If he's one of us, he shot three colleagues.
-He's French then.
Because he spoke French to the pilot and none of you learn languages?

Aug 16, 2016

Does she know you don't believe in monogamy?
-I do believe in it.
You cheated.
-Have you ever been in a relationship?
It depends on the definition.
-It's not sleepovers with 18-year-olds.
No, you mean children and a house with one woman and sex with another.
-I don't expect you to understand.
I understand. You want to have your cake, eat it and fxyk the baker too.
Millions of children are used every day by companies who make the luxury goods you buy. But do you ever question what the real cost is? How many children are exploited? You don't care because they're not your children.
You don't think killing kids is the worst thing he could do?
-No. Children are just smaller human beings. But they work on people's emotions.
Like kittens.
These children are ruined now. Their innocence is gone. But this is what you do to children every single day.

Aug 16, 2016

-Yeah, his company, ZP Holdings, were the straw buyer in a deal for tagged rifles from Eastern Europe. They were allowed to be "walked" from Georgia to a particular final destination. That destination being Libya, for reasons I won't go into. But they disappeared on the way. One showed up in the murder of five members of one of the biggest drug gangs in Northern Marseille. A couple more popped up in Cyprus for reasons unknown. But of the rest... Nada de nada. Thin air. Although there were rumours of Al-Qaeda and North Africa cash. Nobody could pin anything on our friend L'Ouvreur. But they didn't endear him to the Libyans, the Eastern Europeans, a wounded Mafia drug clan, or the DCRI. All of whom would happily walk the double-crossing fxcker into a shallow grave for it. … So let's get him. No more bollocks blaming the Secret Services. Next time our seal comes up for air... you lot better be ready with a fxcking big club.

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Apr 16, 2019

Other: Marijuana/coke use is portrayed as normal.

Apr 16, 2019

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Use of weaponized social media.

Apr 16, 2019

Sexual Content: A woman is forced into prostitution. A married man has an affair.

Apr 16, 2019

Violence: Grisly murders and torture scenes.


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