How come you don't speak Korean?
-I'm adopted. I haven't been to Korea since I was two. Oh. And my folks are more likely to speak Yiddish around the house.
-I'm a Goldberg. You didn’t know?
I had you pegged for an O'Brien.
-You are so in the wrong part of town right now. You don't know jack about Asians.
You really do all look alike.
-There are many shades of yellow, big nose. Hey I know Japanese girls
with whiter skin than you. Flips got the juicy booty, Filipinos. Koreans got the high cheekbones, like so. Cambodians have teeth like the Brits, and the Chinese have the big noses, poor bastards. What else? Korean ladies throw much attitude. And are shocked by pierced nipples. A good ice-breaker with a Japanese girl is to say "O nada ooksigh," and make a face. It means stinky smell. They love their fart jokes
But you're a Jap-Jewish Asian Princess.
-Was that your attempt at a joke?

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