While the topic of this novel is timely and important, sadly, the characters are underdeveloped, and writing little bit flat and confusing.

I can see how Shamsie would be passionate about her novel: Antigone’s story is like no other. Struggles for justice, honor, love, family, power, have always been fascinating. I just wish the author took more time to develop the characters.

I connected with Isma, but not at all with Aneeka; just didn’t feel honesty in her relationship with others, especially with Eamonn. I think the writer would have done better telling Isma’s story, whatever that would or might be. Without deeper understanding of what drives these characters, the novel ends up just a quick read. Aneeka, most of all, needs much more depth! Eamonn’s awakening seems to come out of nowhere. Karamat’s revelations hold interest; unfortunately, one good scene can’t save the rest of the story. I still believe the book is a worthwhile effort, and would recommend reading it.

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