The Total Money Makeover
The Total Money Makeover A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness By Ramsey, Dave Book - 2013

I rate Dave's message, method, and ongoing mission at 5 stars. It feels wrong to give this book anything less than that in light of those things.

That said . . . if you already know about Dave's baby steps, the debt snowball, the concept of getting out of and staying out of debt, investing wisely, living below your means, paying cash for everything, etc. etc. . . . this book feels like little more than a slew of Dave's familiar, motivational sound bites. He does go into some greater detail in some things in this book than he does on a regular basis on the radio show, but--as someone who was already familiar with all of this, is on step 2, and felt it was likely a good idea to finally get around to reading the book--I don't think I got much more out of it than what I already had going in.

If this is where your "Dave Journey" starts, by all means, read the book and get started. But if you're like me and reading it is a back-fill, don't expect a whole lot more than what you already have.

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