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LadyManx made a comment Feb 18 2020
"I have mixed feelings about this book. Premise was was great about the first woman Pinkerton detective. But I found the protagonist tiresome. No matter how many times she's told not to say "Aunt Kitty" because of danger, she goes right a..." Permalink
LadyManx rated a title Feb 18 2020
LadyManx made a comment May 14 2019

The Seike Garden

DVD - 2008?
"This is a good news bad news sort of dvd. Good news. The gardens were lovingly moved and put together in a Highline park. This was a wonderful feat. It was great that all these gov't and community groups came together to save this wonderful garden..." Permalink
LadyManx made a comment Jul 25 2017
"Not bad, but the main character is so prickly and lacking social skills, one wonders why she gets the great guy. Despite the author being a Seattlite, she doesn't seem to know daffodils are mostly done by tulip time and Winslow no longer exists.(..." Permalink
LadyManx made a comment Oct 04 2016

Art and Craft

DVD - 2014
"We highly enjoyed this look at the clash of the art world and a man whose only joy is painting and giving them away. Yes, he's a forger, he's probably prefer copyist. He's not asking for money, he's lonely and this help him connect to the world. I..." Permalink
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