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Indestructible HulkComplete CollectionWaid, MarkGraphic NovelGN F INC
DaredevilVol. 3Waid, MarkGraphic NovelGN TEEN DAR v.3
The IncrediblesRevenge From BelowWaid, MarkGraphic NovelGN J INC
The IncrediblesFamily MattersWaid, MarkGraphic NovelGN J INC
Archie 1955Waid, MarkeBook
Ignited OmnibusWaid, MarkeBook
Archie 1955Issue 1Waid, MarkeBook
Archie: 1941Issue 4Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
The Flash by Mark Waid Book SixIssue 119-129Waid, MarkeBook
Fantastic Four by Waid & WieringoIssue 60-66Waid, MarkeBook
Archie: 1941Issue 5Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie (2015-)Issue 30Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie: 1941Issue 1Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie (2015-): the Heart of RiverdaleIssue 28Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie (2015-)Issue 27Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie: 1941Issue 2Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie: 1941Issue 2Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie (2015-)Issue 32Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
All-new All-different AvengersVolume 0, Issue 13-15, Civil War IIWaid, MarkeBookEBOOK
ArchieIssue 19Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
ArchieVolume 3, Issue 3Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie (2015)Issue 18Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
ArchieIssue 24Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie (2015-): Heart of Riverdale: Part 4Issue 26Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
Archie (2015)Issue 16Waid, MarkeBookEBOOK
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